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Sell with Efficax

It can be stressful when you are taking the step towards selling your property, and especially if you are a non-resident. Our team will assist you on with any questions you have. Ask us to send you more information and our sales guide brochure by mail.

High exposure combined with a high quality property presentation is key the reach the right buyer and to get the right price. We deliver a wide range of property presentation material, and use multiple marketing channels and portals in many different countries.

Free valuation of your property:

Before you take the final step and decide to sell you property it is advisable to get a price estimate according to the market today. A valuation is based on a number of factors and we will give you a realistic valuation to sell the property within a reasonable time.

Client database:

After many year in the market and constantly working with potential buyers, sometimes for several months, we always have a large database of registered clients looking for specific properties or in specific areas.

Broad marketing:

We market our properties on a large variety of platforms to reach as many potential buyers as possible. International portals, newsletters, local marketing, billboards, social media, with agent abroad, magazines and more. High exposure is crucial to find the right buyer.

Professional photos:

With a in-house professional photographer working for us we know what a good picture is. One of our main focus areas is presentation. A great photo stands out from the rest and is one of the most important factors to capture the buyers interest.


A highly successful tool when marketing properties is the floor plan. International buyers are used to be provided with the plans before making an enquiry for a property. Buying abroad is a process. The more information the client has before viewing the easier it is to make a decision to buy. We can provide 2D and 3D floor plans for any house.


Over the years a functioning and clear website has become more and more important. With our cross-marketing strategy online we attract new clients and as well as having returning clients following the website for new listings and information.


Our office is located strategically on a main road by a bus stop, only 300 meters from La Mata Beach with easy parking. The marketed properties in our display get great exposure with thousands of people walking by. For many buyers meeting in our office is a necessary security when purchasing a property.

Social Media:

Exposure on social media has become an important marketing tool for the real estate industry. Advertisement campaigns and targeted segments can make the difference in a competitive market. As well as reaching buyers on with a more personal and different approach.

Collaborating agents:

We collaborate we most agents on the Costa Blanca when we list your property and share our listed properties with them. In addition to collaborating locally we also have agents working in Sweden and Norway preparing clients for viewing when they come to Spain.

Home staging

A perfectly staged home makes a big difference on the first impression and first impression is crucial. Home staging comes in different forms. Sometimes a good cleaning, some pillows and blankets is enough. Talk to us on what is needed for your property.

Virtual tours / video:

Combining a property presentation with a virtual tour or a video helps capturing the interest of buyers. Is also allows us to market the property on different platform and gives a great impression to the layout and details.

Preparation Guide

If you click on the link below we have made a short guide for the most important tasks needed to prepare your property for photos and viewings. We have learned that by following these few step you greatly improve your success rate


Necessary documents to sell you property

To sell your property we will need a copy of the following documents:
  • Copy of the purchase title deed
  • Copy of your N.I.E. number if you are non-resident or your D.N.I. if you are resident
  • Copy of passports for all owners included in the title deed
  • Copy of SUMA (last paid property tax)
  • Copy of the water and electricity bill
  • Energy certificate (If you don’t already have one, we can provide)
  • In case of a mortgage on the property, we would need the name and branch of the bank
  • A contract stating we can list and market your property. Your listing agent will go through the terms with you in advance
  • Contact for the administration in charge of the urbanization

Costs and taxes when selling

Before you decide to sell your property we can help you to estimate the total cost for selling. There are a few costs and taxes you should be aware of.
  • Municipal Plusvalia. Tax on the increase of the value according to the cadastre, paid to the town hall
  • Agent commission
  • Capital gains tax. Tax on the profit made between the declared values on the purchase and the sale. For non fiscal residents, 3 % of sale declared value is retained and discounted against a potential capital gains tax.
  • IBI / SUMA for this year
  • Lawyer / representative
  • Cedula de habilidad (an obligatory certificate proving the property in correctly built).