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It can be stressful when you are taking the step towards selling your property, especially if you are a non-resident. Don´t worry, our experienced team will assist you with any questions you may have. High exposure combined with a high quality property presentation is key to reach the right buyer and to get the right price. We deliver a wide range of property presentation material, and use multiple marketing channels and portals in many different countries. Efficax has a strong local presence and long-standing collaboration with local agent and agents abroad.

Combined with experienced agents that know the market and work tirelessly to show and sell your property, we believe we have found the winning combination. Contact us for more information today!

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Step 1. Initial Contact

First step for us is to talk about the process of selling in Spain. We go through the sales steps, documentation, taxes and costs. Then we go through the property to give a valuation and find a market price together with you.

Once we agree on the terms we form a listing contract, giving us the right to market your property. We start collecting all the necessary documentation, (You can find the list of documents in the brochure). We then form the sales strategy together with you, the client, before we start on the next step.

Step 2. Marketing

We form a specific marketing plan for each property, but it all starts with presentation. A well presented home combined with high quality photography is a must. We can also do 3D floor plans, videos and 360º video tours on your request.

We market on a variety of international property portals, Facebook marketing and Google Ads, to make sure we reach a wide range of clients. Combined with our visible office and strong collaboration with local agents and agents abroad, we make sure your property get high exposure.

Step 3. Potential buyers

Our agents follow up all leads, contact previous clients and book viewings for your property. We are experienced when it comes to viewings and take the time to present your property in the best way possible. We know what the clients are looking for and what gets their interest.

All through the year, Efficax, have personalised viewing trips for clients. And sometimes we also do video and virtual viewings for clients that are not able to travel.

Reaching a large number of clients locally and abroad is crucial when selling in Spain
Step 4. Offers and reservation

Once we have a client interested in your property they normally present an offer. Usually in Spain you only receive one offer at the time, as all viewings a individual and at different times. Property offers in Spain are more similar to a direct negotiation, as we go back and forth until price and terms are agreed.

Once agreed we form a reservation contract stating the terms and price before the buyer pays a deposit, securing the contract and taking the property off the market.

Step 5. Completion

From reservation to completion it normally takes around 40-60 days. Once the property is reserved we recommend using a legal representative. They ensure your best interest, pay taxes, gather documentation and can (if wanted) sign with a power of attorney on your behalf. We have several we can recommend.

In the period from the reservation contract is signed we use the time to gather all necessary documentation, cancel mortgages and calculate all taxes and costs. All sales must be signed at a Notary and registered at the property Registry.

At the Notary, the public notary will go through and validate the documentation and the payment before both buyer and seller sign and make it official. Normal procedure of payment is in most cases a banker's draft. Once the official sale is completed, rest assured we will also be there for you . We will continue to assist you with all questions and help you may need long after you have sold.

Documents to sell your property

To sell we will need a copy of the following documents:

  • Copy of the purchase title deed
  • Copy of your N.I.E. number or D.N.I
  • Copy of passports for all owners.
  • Copy of SUMA (last paid property tax)
  • Copy of the water and electricity bill.
  • Energy certificate (If you don’t already have one, we can assist).
  • In case of a mortgage on the property, we would need the name and branch of the bank.
  • A contract stating we can list and market your property. Your listing agent will go through the terms with you in advance.
  • Contact for the Administrator of the urbanization.
Costs and taxes when selling

Costs and taxes to be aware of when selling your property

  • Municipal Plusvalia. Tax on the increase of the value of the land according to the cadastre, to be paid to the town hall.
  • Agent commission
  • Capital gains tax. Tax based on the profit made between the declared purchase value of the property and on the sale´s amount. For non fiscal residents, 3% of sale declared value is retained and discounted against a potential capital gains tax.
  • IBI / SUMA for the current year.
  • Lawyer / representative.
  • Habitation Certificate (compulsory certificate proving the property in correctly built)

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