Tips when selling!

Property photography preparations

Small and simple preparations will make an enormous difference for you property's photographs and the interest it will attract. Remember that your personal style/preferences will not always match the interested buyer. A neat and neutral home gives the potential buyers the opportunity to imagine what their future home could look like.

The photographer will mainly take pictures as the property is. The more you prepare the better the pictures.

Always keep in mind that “less is more".


  • Cleaning
    You only need to clean big visible spots. Windows, shower cabinets and faucets need a more thorough cleaning, as it will show in the picture
  • Carpets
    Remove small/unnecessary rugs and carpets. Larger ones in the living room and dining rooms looks good.
  • Bathrooms
    Have the toilet seats down. Remove soaps, toothbrushes etc. Small décor and nice towels can look good in not to dominating.
  • Beds
    Make the beds and put bed sheets on all the beds. Put on bedspreads if you have them. Neutral and plain colours are preferable.
  • Bedrooms
    If the bedroom is small, have the least amount of furniture in the room. The bed and the window will be the main focus of the picture and will make the room look bigger and more inviting.
  • Windows
    Open all the window blinds and open the curtains. A nice rope can be tied around the curtains to let the natural light in.
  • Personal items
    They should be removed. Pictures, posters and niche décor should be at a minimum. Apply the rule “less is more".
  • Lamps
    Make sure that all lamps work and have spare bulbs. The photographer will decide which will be on and out while there.
  • Shelves
    Open shelves the wardrobes must be a clean as possible. Keep in them what is natural as books, wine glasses etc.
  • Kitchen
    The kitchen should the as neat as possible. Remove brushes, soaps, less appealing appliances, etc. Remember that items shall not dominate the room.
  • Cables
    Remote controllers, cables, DVD/CDs, newspapers must be removed or hidden.
  • Candles/flowers
    Preferably decorate with candle lights in natural places if you have them, such as living/dining room table and bedrooms. The same goes for flowers and plants.
  • Garden/outdoor
    Garden and terrace must be neat and prepared, especially by the entrance. Cut the grass, wash tiles, remove excessive furniture, and trim bushes. Consider to buy simple houseplants for the outside.
  • Simple décor
    Meaning candle lights, smaller flowers and plants, herbs, fruit, bowls/vases, bedspreads and pillows. Neutral décor raises the atmosphere in the room.
  • Storage space
    Put unnecessary items in boxes in a bedroom. We will photograph this bedroom last and the items only need to be moved once.

Remodelling and repairs

Go through your property before it is put up for sale or photographed. Cheap and simple solutions can make a big difference in the end. If the amount of smaller damages and problems add up, it can give an impression that your property is worse off then it is.

  • Holes in the wall, loud colours, leaking faucets, broken tiles, plaster falling off, etc. are details that can steal focus from the positive sides in your home. Simple solutions will give potential buyers a completely different impression when they come for viewings.
  • If something is defect, there is no need to excuse yourself. Buyers will take this in to consideration them selves. Honesty is the best policy in these cases. Tell your agent about all flaws and defects beforehand.
  • No need to do bigger remodelling. It is a small chance this will give you a return and often the potential buyer will have a different opinion on how they would do the reform.

Preparations before viewings

A lot of the same points mentioned in “Property photography preparations" also apply here. In addition there are a few extra points that will be mentioned. First impressions are critical. The potential buyer has already taken an interest in your property before coming and his initial impression should be reinforced positively. This applies to how they are received and how well the property is presented.

  • Open all blinds, curtains and air the property thoroughly.
  • Leave all light in all the rooms on. I you will not be present at the viewing, turn of the main power switch and have all the lights on.
  • Not everybody have to same relationship towards pets as you may have. Be considerate to viewers when they are present.
  • Turn off TV, radio and other disturbances.
  • Make sure there are no unpleasant smells in the house after pets, cigarettes, food etc. Flowers, herbs and clean air are smells “everyone" likes.
  • Clean and keep a neat house. Before viewings you should be more thorough with cleaning.
  • Arrange a “test viewing" with a friend. The can often give you inputs you didn't consider yourself.

During viewings

A “correct behaviour" when you are with the interested party is very important. It might seem like easy, but small things can be off-putting to a buyer. Most agents prefer to have viewings without the seller present. In a lot of cases this is the best solution. The seller can have a positive input in some cases. If you will be present here are some general tips.

  • Don't force a conversation. Just be polite and give short and honestly to the buyer's questions.
  • Don't do the agents job. Most of the time there is a reason the agent present it as they do. They have a lot of experience with what that work and don't work. They also have a different relationship with the buyer and can adjust to their personality.
  • Do not correct the agent in front of the buyer. Did the agent forget or say something wrong of importance, quietly mention it to the agent. Then they may correct the mistake themselves and keep their relationship with the client.
  • Be updated on your local community. A potential buyer will often directly address the seller on neighbours, the community and the local area. Preparation is key. What shops, restaurant, facilities, bus connections, etc. are in the area. Keep the focus on the positive aspect of your neighbourhood. No need to mention that the neighbours had a loud argument yesterday. Again, short and to the point.
  • Most will ask you; why are you selling? Be prepared for the question and don't be evasive. Present it with a good angle, even if it might be for negative reasons.
  • Let the potential buyer freely imagine how they would remodel or change furniture. It is a positive sign that they can envision themselves there.
  • Don't give to much details. Viewers will easily forget. Pick a few key points to focus on.
  • Be very careful with negative opinions, they may only be yours. What you personally find annoying or negative does not always apply with other. They may not share your opinions on the matter at first, but they could easily change their opinion.


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